Kathleen Ball 
Western Romance

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Shannon McMurphy travels to Asherville, Texas as a mail order bride expecting to marry a rancher. Instead, her intended is a saloonkeeper. Her refusal to marry enrages John Hardy and he slices her cheek with a knife so no other man would want her. She runs into the street and no one helps her until blond, blue-eyed Cinders rescues her.

Sexy, rancher Cinders saves Shannon and offers her a job. To protect her reputation he must marry her. They both agree it’s a marriage of convenience. He admires her spunk and willingness to learn everything about surviving the Texas frontier. He waits for her to ask to go home but she never does.

They learn a lot about each other through, stolen horses, Indian troubles, a cattle drive and the busybodies of the town. Their attraction for each other grows, but can they learn to trust enough to love?
Join me in Asherville, Texas and see how this love story unfolds.

Callie Daniels' mother has one dying wish. She wants neighboring rancher, Garrett O'Neill, to marry her seventeen year old daughter. It's not supposed to be a conventional marriage.Garrett O'Neill would keep Callie's ranch safe and Callie would go away to college.

Four years later, Callie comes home with stars in her eyes and happily ever after in her heart. She plans to make their marriage real until finds the new housekeeper, Sylvie in Garrett's arms.

Heartbroken, Callie takes off to her own house, which they closed up four years ago. She stays there with Old Henry, a longtime friend and ranch hand, until her new horse injures her. Garrett forces Callie to move back in to his house.

Callie finally gets her heart's desire. Alone in a line shack, they make sweet love for the first time. Unfortunately the love light is gone from Garret's eyes the next morning.


When 26-year-old cowboy Holden O’Leary uprooted his brothers from Texas to Montana, the new vet advertised for a nanny. No woman alive would deny the Doc was as handsome a specimen as the sleek, hard-bodies horses he rescued. And that included Summer Fitzgerald, the voluptuous, honey-haired young woman who applied for the job, and was stunned to find her three arges ranged from 12 to 18 – charming, immature, irresponsible, and capable of winning a piece of her shattered heart.

With his stubble, his six-pack and his tousled hair, she thought Holden was sexy as hell. But she’d sworn off men after being implicated by her former boyfriend in a hideous murder that had badly wounded her – and her reputation. He had sworn off women because his lousy judgment had endangered his family. The fact was: he found Summer totally irresistible, and more vulnerable than vicious -- despite the warnings: “She’s real good with that innocent act, but don’t let her fool you…. She’ll end up behind bars soon enough. ”….

Would the past catch up with both of them? Who killed the bar owner – and why? What was the real reason Holden had moved? How would the Doc and the nanny deal with their passionate attraction, crippling rumors of savage scandals, and shocking, long buried secrets? Will brother be pitted against brother? When does true love exact a price too great to pay? And – when is a life-threatening risk worth taking? Saddle up for one of today’s most tempestuous romances – laced with a dazzling double mystery, and surrounded by more hunky cowboys than you can wave a lasso at.


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Amid the aftermath of the Civil War, Georgie O'Rourke the last surviving member of her family decides her only choice is the leave her beloved state of Tennessee by answering a Mail Order Bride Advertisement. With only a few items of rag like clothing she travels the Southwest Trail by covered wagon to meet up with her Groom in Texas.
Captain Parker Eastman formally of the Confederate Army travels from his cattle ranch to the Southwest Trail to intercept a woman his mother hired as a companion. He soon finds out that Georgie traveled to Texas to become his wife. Duty bound to make right on his mother's promise of marriage he marries the Southern Belle. But she is unlike any pampered woman he'd ever known. She was a survivor and did what needed to be done to make a future for herself.
Reconstruction in the South is anything but peaceful. Anger and hatred are harbored on both sides. Fear and violence become the norm. People are no longer the same as they were before the war. Upon arriving at the ranch, Parker leaves Georgia in the hands of his mentally unstable mother in order to address land grabbers.
Mother Eastman thinks that Georgie is to blame for everything that was lost in the war, leaving Georgie beaten and broken.
Can Parker find the wife he'd come to love and admire beneath the terrified and untrusting woman she'd become?
This Historical Western Romance is full of twists, suspense and amazing romance.


After being jilted at the altar, Scarlett Settler can’t show her face in town. She becomes a mail order bride to a blacksmith in Silver Springs Oregon. She only skimmed the letters that she and her intended exchanged and was very disappointed to find he was a blacksmith always covered in soot.

Dillon Stahl built a huge house and now he wants to fill it with a wife and children. When his friend Smitty Settler writes to him about his daughter, Scarlett, he’s intrigued and proposes. He expected a sweet biddable wife that he can build a life with. Instead he ends up with an opinionated woman who does not know the word compromise.

Getting to know Scarlett is near impossible. She refuses to allow anyone into her heart because she knows they won’t like her. Everyone always leaves her. Her fear of rejection takes over each of her actions.

Can Dillon break through her haughty façade and find the women of his dreams?


A sweet western romance filled with forgiveness, love  and second chances.

Sonia Wist was just a young girl when the lecherous Peddler promised to marry her. He left town and took all of her life’s dreams with him; leaving her with child. Her enraged parents buy her a husband that is an abusive drunk and his father is even worse.

Two years later, Sonia is a widow with a son. She has nowhere to go and she’s broke. She happens upon Juan Settler’s cabin and upon finding it empty, she hides there for a few days.

Juan Settler is a one of the best horse wranglers around. He has a gift for training wild horses. He finds Sonia and instantly understands her pain of being an outcast. He brings her and her son to his adoptive parents, Smitty and Lynn (From the Oregon Trail Dreamin’ Series). But Sonia feels that her reputation is tarnishing the Settler name.

Sonia comes to the realization that there are second chances in life and God forgives those who are truly sorrowful. Now she needs to help Juan understand that he’s not worthless because he’s different.

Join Juan and Sonia in this Sweet historical Western Settler Orphan Story.

This is book two of The Settler Series

Greg is book one and it’s an offshoot of the wildly popular Oregon Trail Dreaming Series